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D-Brand x XBOX Series X

May 4, 2021 | Category: Tech


Premium Materials

The Xbox Series X is tall. That’s just how it is – we don’t make the rules. Those rules? They state that the Xbox Series X is too damn tall. It won’t fit in your entertainment center. Instead, it will be an ever-present eyesore in your living room. Unless, of course, you buy some Xbox Series X skins from dbrand. Not only will a set of Xbox Series X skins help your new gaming refrigerator blend in with your tasteless decor, they’ll also protect it from accidental scuffs or scratches. That’s because every Xbox Series X skin is made from authentic 3M vinyl – the very same vinyl you’d use to wrap the cars in Forza, if you could afford any of the cars in Forza. This means that dbrand’s Xbox Series X skins are durable, true-textured, and only 0.23mm thin. Plus, the patented adhesive means you can remove Xbox Series X skins whenever you want, with no gunk in sight.

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