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Peloton x Sonos Integration

March 25, 2021 | Category: Projects

Peloton x Sonos

Peloton x Sonos

Found a solution to amplify the Peloton audio from the Bike+ utilizing my home Sonos setup and adding the Sonos Port and a Pre-Amp to raise the output level. Let’s Ride!

Here’s the Equipment:
Sonos PortPre AmplifierPatch CableRCA Cable

RCA cable inserts into the Peloton headphone output port to the input port of the Pre-Amplifier. The patch cable goes from the output port of the Pre-Amplifier to the Line In port on the Sonos Port.

In the Sonos app, group the Port with the room that the rest of your Sonos is in, and utilize the Line Out option as the source.



Thirteen years ago a hungry kid from Chicago released a hip-hop classic. I thank Ye for allowing me to work with him on his dream and creative process that turned out such a monumental album.


IMG_2303 (1)

Design Work for Bad Boy Bill

November 28, 2015 | Category: Projects


New Design Work for the homie, Bad Boy Bill “Mixes From The Vault”